My fourth laparoscopy

I was the fourth on the list on Friday.  The wait was pretty unbearable so when the anaesthesiologist finally arrived and said I was next, I asked if there was a way that I could get away from the place and grab a steak!  I was finally taken to theatre after 2pm – or 15 hours of nil by mouth.  In recovery I had to ask for a bit of pain medication but I felt alert.  I was delighted to get back to my room where I had lots of water to sip and a hot meal of mystery-meal lasagne.  The food was OK but I didn’t finish it.
I felt so strong after my surgery that after about 3 hours I asked the nurse if I could go home. After fulfilling my patient obligations (evacuating my bladder as well as finishing some paperwork) Helios took me home at about 8:00 and I went straight to bed.  I was tired and sore but not bad, all things considered.  Helios has been patient and loving when I needed to wake him in the night.  I let him lead me to the loo and then back to bed.  He has been happy to refresh my drinks and made me breakfast this morning.  Now he’s off to the shops because he wants to prepare something special for me for tonight’s tea.  What a guy!
Technically speaking, the doctors swabbed my cervix to test for a certain virus in order to ascertain if my abnormal smears are caused by this virus, I was also given a hystoscopy and laparoscopy.  Although the surgery was a complete success, I was given a surprise.  I had no endometriosis cysts to remove.  The symptoms that I have been experiencing are due to fibroids – not endometriosis.  In one way I was delighted because it means that the pain management that I’ve put in place has indeed been successful in managing my endometriosis.  However, something new means that I will need to work hard to manage those symptoms which may ultimately lead to a further surgery.  For now, I have a follow-up appointment that will be scheduled in about 4 weeks’ time.  At that point I will discuss my options and obviously keep you informed.
Needless to say I’m really disappointed and the shock of needing to fight something new has left me in tears.  I’m glad I am not in the office for a bit – it will give me a chance to get accustomed to the idea and put a bright face on my situation.

Invite a stranger…

I recently read Wish Fulfillment Everyday’s article about annual smear tests.  Ladies, we all know it’s essential that we get tested regularly.  As Layla has eloquently reminded us why this is important, I’ll ask you to click through to her site please.

Personally, I’ve always insisted on an annual smear tests because I was exposed to DES when I was in the womb.  I have told people that I’ve had more doctors in my body than boyfriends.  I would like to say that in those days DES was considered to be the best medicine for women who had miscarriages.  Mom, in time for Mother’s Day in England, I’d like to thank you for taking DES: without it I may not have existed.

So what happens if your annual smear test is found to be abnormal?  Of course I’ve been there and got that T-Shirt too.  Luckily for me, the cells found were abnormal but not malicious.  I’ve had a colposcopy more than once and I can assure you it is uncomfortable but not nearly as unpleasant as finding something that can kill you that’s too far along to be dealt with efficiently.