Invite a stranger…

I recently read Wish Fulfillment Everyday’s article about annual smear tests.  Ladies, we all know it’s essential that we get tested regularly.  As Layla has eloquently reminded us why this is important, I’ll ask you to click through to her site please.

Personally, I’ve always insisted on an annual smear tests because I was exposed to DES when I was in the womb.  I have told people that I’ve had more doctors in my body than boyfriends.  I would like to say that in those days DES was considered to be the best medicine for women who had miscarriages.  Mom, in time for Mother’s Day in England, I’d like to thank you for taking DES: without it I may not have existed.

So what happens if your annual smear test is found to be abnormal?  Of course I’ve been there and got that T-Shirt too.  Luckily for me, the cells found were abnormal but not malicious.  I’ve had a colposcopy more than once and I can assure you it is uncomfortable but not nearly as unpleasant as finding something that can kill you that’s too far along to be dealt with efficiently.