About Foxy

Despite the fact that I have a number of chronic illnesses, I am determined to lead a “normal” life.  Since you can’t have normality without family, friends, the odd strong opinion and laughter, I try to write as much about that as my numerous symptoms.

I was diagnosed with Endometriosis, Insulin Resistance, and Polycystic Ovaries in 2005.  I have problems with lichen planus which flares when I get upset or stressed.  In March 2012 I was diagnosed with Fibroids.  By this time I had more than enough with my gynaecology problems and I had a hysterectomy in August 2012.

I call my husband Helios, god of the sun because he always brightens the room when he walks in.  Apollo (god of healing as well as the sun) is my step-son.  I call my step-daughter Maia not because she was born in May (She was a March baby.) but because is the goddess of spring and rebirth – she makes the flowers grow.


2 thoughts on “About Foxy

  1. Dear Foxy, Thank you for the kind words about my blogs. I pray they might entertain you, comfort you, and give you hope that life is worth living. I also have fought chronic disease for a long, long time, so I understand a bit about what each of your days might be like. As for the grief of losing your dad so recently, I understand that too, for my husband of 53 years died suddenly and without warning 18 months ago. I am still in the grieving process and holding onto God as hard as I can that I might get through this terrible grief and come out victorious. I am retired so it makes it easier for me. You work and it must be exhausting each day to deal with disease and grief. If you would like to stay in touch, you can email me at grandmakeith@gmail.com. We who are two of a kind can encourage one another, just as the Bible says to do. Blessings, Sandy

  2. Hi Sandra
    Thanks very much for your thoughtful comment. I don’t know about coming out victorious as I think I’ve been changed forever by the experience. However hard this is, this isn’t a bad thing since I believe that I should try to learn something everyday. You’re not wrong that I struggle with my grief and my illnesses but I know that life without struggle isn’t worth living. I’m grateful for your support.

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