I’m not in pain anymore.  I haven’t had my usual unbearable pain for about a year after my hysterectomy.  I am no longer dreading the next time I have to subject myself to my monthly agony.  For me the hysterectomy worked brilliantly.  I feel as normal as I did when I was in my 20s, back when the birth control pill was all I needed for pain management.

Immediately after my hysterectomy I was very cautious: I simply wanted to heal and see how I felt.  Healing took time and I would recommend the full six weeks off work – not the four that I was lumbered with.  Those first couple of weeks after my time away were very draining and, although I managed to work, I really was not 100% for work until six weeks after the surgery.  Other things took even longer but going slowly and taking things easy has helped tremendously.

Over the past year I have spent my free time taking photographs and  I’m doing an online photography qualification.  I’ve started an online photography blog.  Helios and I will be to a bigger home so that our family and friends can come to visit from time to time.  Consequently I’ve been looking at interior decoration and have a number of ideas for our new home.  I have helped to organise a charity pub quiz evening at work, which took a lot of effort!  I have visited friends without needing to check and double-check my calendar for fear that I’d be too tired or in too much pain to have fun.  I have started an online resource for my sister who is planning to get married next year.  I have been able to concentrate on family when my father-in-law passed away in January without needing to hide in bed for my pain.  When Helios said that his sinuses couldn’t cope with the smell of bleach, I researched cleaners and now have a recipe for bathroom and surface cleaner using vinegar and bicarb of soda – which doesn’t irritate my love’s nose.  Helios and I went on holiday to Spain for a week in May and had a wonderful relaxing vacation.  I’ve seen movies.  I’ve visited friends.  I’ve sent letters.  I’ve not needed time off work.  I’ve been available for people I care about.  In short, I’ve had a life.  I have checked in.  I am switched on.  I have energy.  I feel like a whirlwind has been unleashed inside me.  I have taken the bit between my teeth and done things without a care to my health issues.

Writing all this makes me feel a fraud – as if my current health condition will cause you jealousy.  I’ve been embarrassed to write this as I know the agony that some of you are still experiencing.  I wish the hysterectomy worked for you.  I wish that you don’t have to have a hysterectomy.  I wish that endometriosis was cured with a tablet or a sonogram scan – just a quick wave of a wand and it’s gone!  Wouldn’t that be nice?

I am still involved with raising awareness for endometriosis and am a member of Endometriosis UK.  Now that I have the energy, I’d better put it to good use for us!


2 thoughts on “Pain-free

  1. I would hope that your story gives others hope, I know for me success stories made me really trust my hysterectomy for endo and adenomyosis. I am 7 weeks out from my second surgery, and I still have some aches and pains from recovery, but the day after surgery the color was back in my face. I could tell immediately that something major had happened, and after years I was finally going to get my body back.

    I took only 4 weeks too, and even though I had just a subtotal hyst, ovaries intact, it wasn’t quite enough. Though at the same time I was so excited to be able to return to my life, and look alive! I work in mental health and my clients had been very worried about me, they could tell I was sick even when I put on my best “I’m ok” face, and they now don’t even need to ask if I’m better, it’s obvious.

    We went through enough hell, pain, sickness. And what many people don’t understand about endo is that it isn’t just pain, it causes problems throughout the body. It’s ok for us to be ok with being better, and show that there are answers and a way through the maze. Thanks for sharing, I hope others read this and get some hope.

  2. Thank you ever so much for your comment Syn Etc. I cannot help but feel a bit of a fraud now that I’m pain-free but your opinions are a comfort.

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