Side Effects?

I finally started to feel a bit brighter.  Much more my old self.  I was able to work without my recent anxiety.  Then, on Friday, I started to feel a bit sick.  I’ve been nauseated all weekend.  I dragged myself to work but felt so awful with nausea that I went home after just a couple of hours.  Am I losing weight?  Well, that can’t be a bad thing…  but I feel so rough I can barely stand upright.  Looking at my anti-depressants, nausea is a common side effect so I have a GP appointment at 5pm today.  I’m hoping that I’ll feel better with a different anti-depressant.


2 thoughts on “Side Effects?

  1. You may have picked up the flu. It’s going around here in the states. I had it for a little over a week. Nausea, spinning head, felt rotten, ran a light temp. Didn’t do anything but sit and watch movies and sleep. It finally went away. Merry Christmas.

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