First day back to work after Hysterectomy

My first day back to work after 4 weeks away was Friday 14th September.  I have to say I’m feeling very lucky.  We only have 4 dedicated car park spaces at my office reserved for managers, partners and clients.  However, I had one of those spaces on Friday and will again all next week.

Coming back on a Friday was a good option because very few people were in: I had a quiet time to get back up to speed with what I’ve missed.  I should be able to hit the ground running tomorrow!

I am a secretary at an accountancy office so I’m not expecting to do anything manually strenuous.  Having said that, I found my first day back to be tiring but good.  I’ve obviously been moving around more at work than at home and my left-hand side is in pain (again).  I left the office about 30 minutes before quitting time because I was so tired on Friday.  With any luck, I’ll have more stamina next week.