Sort it out!

I’m still a little surprised at how little pain I’m in.  The past few months have flown by and I haven’t missed the pain at all.  Well, when I say I’ve not missed the pain – I have been having shoulder pain that prior to my operation I simply ignored.  Now I find it harder to avoid and have started visiting an osteopath.

Years ago I saw an osteopath for my neck pain.  Back then at work I was regularly using my shoulder to hold a phone to my ear – an act that I would strongly discourage now!  My first osteopath was brilliant.  She instantly found the problem, gave me a little bit of massage before cracking my neck into mobility.  It was scary because,  when I heard my neck crack with astonishing ferocity.  For a brief moment I wondered if I was dead!!

The current osteopath is much more gentle.  Like the first,  she immediately found where my spine is cemented.  Like the first, she is keen to ensure that my whole spine is in a better alignment.  However, she has me lying on the table with her hands strategically placed under my back, pelvis or neck.  At one point she was holding my feet and it started to hurt in my pelvis!  I’m told that the pain is everything relaxing into a proper alignment and only lasts while I’m on the table.   I will say I do feel rather “Psychadelic Man!” afterwards so I’m sure there’s something to it.  So far I’ve had two treatments – I am still having problems with my shoulder but it is starting to feel better…


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  1. My hubby often gets back/neck/shoulder pain, and visits an osteopath who now has the nickname ‘Bonecrusher’! I hope that your bonecrusher fixes your pain soon.

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