Fun and Games at Hospital

I spoke to admissions at the hospital on Thursday 9th August.  I was chasing for a pre-operation appointment and the woman made the mistake of saying that I’d get an appointment nearer the time – I wouldn’t need one yet because I was on the waiting list for mid-November so please be patient.  Yep.  She said November.   I asked her when I actually went on the list and she said 22nd July, which made me burst into tears.  Burst isn’t quite the right word.  Exploded is more accurate.  I very nearly had to be carried out reception (where I work) and into the board room where I could try and gather myself together.  Two others came in with me – my HR friend pretty much took charge and said that I ought to ring the secretary while I was upset, so that she will know how dreadful I felt. My other friend didn’t say much.  She looked pale and helpless, which I expect is how she felt.

I was good to the surgeon’s secretary – no point in upsetting her.  I did cry through the conversation though.  My HR friend was right – it was a good idea to cry through the conversation as I got an appointment with Dr (my favourite doctor there) on Tuesday 14th August. 

 I spent that weekend feeling anxious.  I tried very hard to relax and I dove into my Kindle.  I finished The World According to Garp and started The Lovely Bones.  OK, they’re not exactly the most uplifting of books, but they took my mind off what was happening with me for a few minutes at a time. 

So, I saw the surgeon on Tuesday who said that they were having a Hysterectomy Masterclass performed by Mr Big on Friday 17th and they had two cancellations.  Could I come?  Was this convenient?  I burst into tears, of course.  Yes! Yes! Yes! It just about makes up for the stress that they caused me on Thursday!  I suppose at least they know they made a mistake and they’ve tried hard to put it right.  Finally I’ll get to feel better!

The Consultant Surgeon (Mr Big) operated on me in a private hospital in November 2008 for my endometriosis.  He did such a good job that, when they opened me up in March this year they didn’t find any active endometriosis at all.  So I’m just delighted he was in there and doing the work!  Also, I was the subject of attention while I was under, which is still fun for me to think about as well…  I was tempted to write something funny on my belly again but forgot the marker pen.  Instead I told the gang that I was only there for a manicure.  (!)

Husband had some time as Compassionate leave on Friday and it was nice to have some company while I wait.  I stayed in hospital overnight and Helios collected me after work this morning.   Next week he’s got enough holiday that he’s taking 4 mornings off work.  I’ll be under his watchful eye.  I like it that he’s protective of me.  I’m under strict instructions not to do any lifting or housework.  Don’t worry.  For once I’ll be good!


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