Hysterectomy Prep – Pilates

I’ve been doing a bit of Pilates practice in order to have a quicker recovery after my upcoming surgery.  Thanks to Fiona the Fibroid, I’ve been having problems with bloating.  I look as if I’m a few months pregnant!  However, I’m finding that the Pilates makes me feel a bit more trim.

I saw some friends yesterday and one said that I’ll be very likely to lose a lot of weight post hysterectomy.  It’s another reason to look forward to the surgery!


2 thoughts on “Hysterectomy Prep – Pilates

  1. When are you having your op? Looking like my hyst. will be August / September time. I’m having 3 lots of Zoladex first (2nd one week after next). I get the bloat too, it’s awful I have 2 different sizes of trousers in my wardrobe, never know what size I’m going to wake up! I hope the pilates helps, I need to do something similar.

  2. Thanks for your comment Gem. I think you and I are having our hysterectomies at about the same time. I’m not having Zoladex first – I’m being left to get on with my life by taking my usual birth control. I don’t have periods monthly anymore though (I tricycle as per doctor’s orders.) so I’m hoping to only have one last period before the big day. I hate the bloating too! I am finding the pilates helps with my size – but I have to hold in my stomach muscles almost continuously to control the bloating. Are you having the surgery on NHS? Is the Zoladex helping? Will you be keeping your ovaries? I hope all goes well for you!

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