Goodbye Dorian Thomson

I didn’t know you but you and I have something in common: pain.  You committed suicide after unrelenting dental pain from EDS.  Six unending years.  I’m sorry for your pain but, and I may be assuming you and I were remotely alike here, I know all about chronic pain.  I myself manage endometriosis pain.  My pain has been so bad that I, at times, wished for death.  I know, psychologically, how you must have felt.  I read your story and cried.

I wouldn’t wish EDS on anyone.   I hope you have found peace.



2 thoughts on “Goodbye Dorian Thomson

  1. As one who lives with unrelenting spinal pain from four surgeries that didn’t work, I understand how one can feel like death would be easier. For me, that is not an option. As much as I’d sometimes love to leave this earth and go to my heavenly home, to be where Jim is, I cannot take myself there apart from God’s will. When it is time, the Lord will take me. Until then, I do everything I can to manage the daily pain–just as you do.

  2. OUCH! Sandy! Four spinal surgeries that didn’t work! I knew you struggled with pain but had no idea the lengths you’d gone to in order to alleviate it. I’m very sorry. I find that my pain has made me very sensitive to pain others endure. I think Dorian’s story struck a chord with me because without a hope of relief, many of us have fallen into depression. It’s a completely natural place to go many of us. I’ve read a number of articles indicating that a number of endometriosis sufferers give up and commit suicide and it breaks my heart because they didn’t have the support I obviously do. I just wish that Dorian (and others) could have had strong religious feelings or some other happy, supportive reason to keep going.

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