Vivid dreams and Tears

I was dreaming again.  I have very vivid dreams.  I was riding something.  I don’t know what it was, I thought it was a horse but the ride was so smooth that it could easily have been a jet-powered hovercraft for all I know.  I was going around when I happened to see a 6 year old version of my baby sister.  Someone was holding a knife to her throat and I had to pretend that I didn’t see them.  I rode around and quickly found my Brazilian friend’s oldest brother.  Although I haven’t seen him since they lived in the US as teenagers, he was a cop and hopped on the back of my horse/bike/whatever.  We crept behind the villain (now wielding a gun) and he crushed the man with a blanket.  I shouted at the miscreant “Nobody holds a knife to my sister’s throat!  NOBODY!!”  I woke up.

I drifted off again and dreamt I was in a posh restaurant.  I was with two friends but they were mean to me.  They weren’t talking to me at all.  I got up and collected my coat and bag.  I didn’t get far.  My ex was sitting by himself at a table near the front door of the restaurant.  He moved his mobile away from his ear long enough to invite me to join him and then went back to work.  I sat down at the table opposite the aisle and took my book out of my bag – I’m reading The Fry Chronicles.  I didn’t start it because there was an old friend, Emma, sitting behind my ex (still engrossed in work) at the next table along.  Emma was happy because her company was officially merging with something else and they will be called Accrington Stanley.  I woke up again.

I drifted off again.  I was with Helios watching the TV when an advertising jingle came on that made me cry:  “You know I’ll never leave you, my little girl…”  I cried because my dad died in August.  It’s still a shock.


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