Happy Christmas!

This entry will be a bit on the graphic side – for which I apologise in advance.  The first day of my last period was 27th August.  I have managed to keep the menses at bay by taking my birth control religiously.  Well, I say I have kept the menses at bay but I have had a bit of spotting and bleeding for the past couple of weeks – the longer I’ve waited to have my period the more bleeding I’ve had.  Each day I’ve had a bit of bleeding I also had a lot of pain.  Between my bruising and my body trying to have a period, I have struggled with pain!

I finally relented and stopped taking my birth control on 23rd and I am sorry to say that the pain has been unbearable.  I am taking the mefenamic acid and paracetamol for the pain.  I’m taking Tranexamic Acid in order to keep from “flooding” as instructed by my surgeon.  She seemed concerned that I would exhibit that symptom.  I don’t expect she’ll like my bleeding between periods either…  I don’t have a date in the diary for my upcoming surgery just yet but am hoping that it will be sooner rather than later.

In the meantime Helios and I are spending our usual Christmas together.  We don’t visit his family because his parents now live in a flat and don’t have the room to keep us.  So on top of a 4 hour drive, Helios and I would have to stay in a hotel – an expense that we can hardly justify.  We usually organise to see them in the New Year.  If we’re lucky, we’ll get to see Apollo too!

I am delighted to say we’ve had a quiet and relaxing Christmas.  I have had some extra time in bed due to pain but Helios has been very good about giving me everything I need.  I had plenty of help in the kitchen and he’s made a couple of hot water bottles to help with the pain.  I hope Helios understands that even though I haven’t been wearing my Christmas smile today, I am delighted that he and I are spending this time together.

Wishing you peace and pain-free days,