The Box by Philip Pullman

Thanks to my illnesses, I do regularly have very vivid dreams.  I’ve had another very odd one last night.  It was as if I was watching a film which started with the title “The Box by Philip Pullman” as if printed on a creamy paper surrounded by scrolls on the edges and a Japanese figure under the western writing.

Next I saw fully-clothed boys in a bathhouse saying “Come around to mine for a party tonight.”  It was a place that I presumed was in Japan.  The bath house was clean looking but not just white – the walls were a pastel blue-green with beautiful minimalist red flowers grew from lower right to the upper left.

The boys all went back to a flat and I next saw them trying to avoid other boys in the same flat who were trying to get lucky.  They crowded in the kitchen and tried to make enough noise to drown out the joy happening in other rooms.  “Do you want some potato salad with that sandwich?” and “I have cold sweetcorn.”  I couldn’t smell it but reached out to touch the cold sweetcorn kernels to confirm – yes they were stone cold and slightly wet.

The next thing I knew, the opening credits were rolling again.  I remembered something that I’m not sure actually happened when I first saw the film: I thought “Well, that was a long teaser – I hope we get to see all of it this time” and the bathhouse appeared again.

I woke up.

I have looked and, according to Wikipedia, Philip Pullman hasn’t written a book entitled “The Box”


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