Endometriosis vs Holly Hill

After reading Endometriosis vs Holly Hill on Facebook, I was so moved that I felt I had to write this:

I live in the UK and so have not had the pleasure of listening to Holly Hill’s comments. I was diagnosed with endometriosis in 2005. I understand that Holly believes that women with endometriosis do not deserve a happy sex life with a faithful partner because of the pain we endure. I can only think that someone would make such inflammatory remarks because 1) they’re too ignorant to know how upsetting their prejudice can be or 2) they’re using the anger of women with endometriosis as negative marketing for an upcoming book. So, if my hypothesis is correct, she’s either ignorant or manipulative – neither are attractive traits. 

As I say, I’m writing from the UK so I don’t know if she is well-known for having a happy, faithful, satisfying relationship with a wonderful man. However, from what little I do know, I would expect not. One thing is for sure, I could tell her a thing or two about having a happy, faithful, satisfying relationship with a wonderful man who never makes me feel like a liability, who helps out every time I ask, who never pressures me when I’m in pain and who gives me incredible (it’s worth saying again – incredible) intimacy – but I don’t think she’d appreciate it.

Perhaps she’s jealous.

Smugly yours
Foxy in the Waiting Room

As always, I finish something and then, upon further pondering, I reconsider my words.  I wanted to add that someone who takes pot shots at others who are weak or suffering are called bullies – also an unattractive quality.

Assuming that her love life is as dismal as I suspect it is, perhaps she needs to cultivate her own garden to become someone who deserves the fantastic things that I have and appreciate.

I’m still smug.


2 thoughts on “Endometriosis vs Holly Hill

  1. You forgot “unimaginative twat that apparently has very boring sex and doesn’t understand that there are ways around the pain.” What an ignorant piece of work she is.

  2. Hi Layla
    Well I didn’t want to get too graphic but you are most certainly right. There are a multitude of ways of pleasuring one another while avoiding pain – and what fun can be had finding all those ways!
    Lots of love,

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