I’m officially dreading going back to work tomorrow.  It’s normally hard to get back into the swing of work after a week off but, bearing in mind I have requested surgery and will have a date coming up in the new year, I need to tell everyone what to expect.  I don’t think this will be a problem – I’m just trying to channel some patience with my receptionist who I know will ask “Why don’t you just…?” because she watches medical shows on TV and thinks that seeing a 10 minute feature gives her enough information to start giving advice.  Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr.  Does anyone out there have any advice on how to deal with this annoying type of idiot?

The good news is that I ought to be reasonably more relaxed with life by the time I get to work tomorrow – I bought my train ticket and will officially be taking that transport up to 23rd December.  I’ll buy a new ticket to cover me for the New Year – why pay for days that I’m not going to use?  Hopefully by not fighting my way through the traffic I’ll be a bit more sane when I arrive at the office.

I had a great week off with my Helios.  We participated in a Bird of Prey day which was wonderful.  The best bit was when Helios said that the best bit for him was that I was there with him.  I was a little nervous about it but loved the experience.  I wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Owl - Gorgeous!!


2 thoughts on “Sunday

  1. I’m sooo jealous of you going to see the birds of prey, especially the owls! I’m glad that you enjoyed your day, and that that made Helios’ day too 🙂

    As for your Receptionist, why not print out some Endo information to give her to read, when she starts giving her advice? Then you could keep referring her back to that info every time she starts to give her advice in the future.

    Good luck for tomorrow Foxy.

  2. Tricia
    Why didn’t I think of that? Probably because I was fretting about it, my Receptionist didn’t ask any annoying questions today. I suppose because I came at her with the facts, she didn’t have time to contemplate what she thinks I should be doing…
    Thanks very much!

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