A Brief Update

Luckily for me the surgeon agreed with me and has requested I have a laparoscopy.  While I’m under they’re excising my endometriosis, they’re going to put a camera into my uterus (I assume it’s small and won’t be accompanied by a team of photographers!) to see if I’ve got fibroids.  They’re also going to give my cervix a smear test to see if I have a type of virus that is frequently found in women with cervical cancer.  This precaution is in reaction to all the (negative) tests I’ve had in the past couple of years.  If I’m found to have it, I’ll be given a smear test even more frequently and, any problems caught early.

The bad news is that I’ll have to wait until February/March for the surgery.  I’ve not had the chance to discuss this with my office and won’t know more until I get the actual date of the surgery.