Hysterectomy Risks – what I didn’t know…

I cannot go around making decisions without considering all the ramifications.  I have to say that the lack of sufficient information from my surgeons has been shocking.  In 2008 I was in so much pain that I begged for a hysterectomy.  (It’s worth saying that you have to be seriously desperate if you beg for a hysterectomy!)  Even then, I didn’t know all about the side effects – or else I may have begged for something else.  It’s impossible to say what else I would have begged for but I’d like to think I would have asked for something else!

image photo : Water drop Ovaries

What I really wanted in order to help me with my decisions was this list from the HERS Foundation.  What I got was a 20 minute examination and chat about what my options were.  Bearing in mind the examination involved my disrobing and having a trans-vaginal scan, that really didn’t leave enough time for the chat.

She didn’t give me any recommendations but tried to get me to try the Mirena coil again which I strenuously refused after the side effects I experienced when I tried it in 2006.

Once again I find myself angry with doctors!  Not only did they take over 20 years to diagnose me but they never seem to give me enough information.  Oh sure they answer my questions but they don’t offer any further relevant information.  I don’t even know what grade of Endo I have!  It’s at times like these that I’m grateful for the internet: without it I wouldn’t know what questions to ask in the first place.

Foxy – 5th November 2011