Is this the future for Endometriosis treatment?

Finally a new surgical approach: remove the endometriosis!  Dr Trehan believes that endometriosis “…is a generalized disease of the pelvic peritoneum and a radical approach like total pelvic peritoneal excision is the answer”.

If my experience is anything to go by, I wholly agree with his hypothesis – I have found medicines to help me cope with symptoms but really do nothing to actually help my condition.  I have had 3 surgeries so far and am in the process of contemplating a fourth.  Although I do not want to have children, I don’t want to lose my feminine organs if I don’t have to.

I’m reading this site and wondering how no one has thought of this before!  I’m reading this and thinking that I have nothing to lose by having another “plain” endometriosis treatment surgery so that the techniques used by Dr Trehan can be used on more women and, hopefully, by the time I need another further surgery (which will be number 5!) the techniques will have trickled down to the people I go to!

Feel better!


8 thoughts on “Is this the future for Endometriosis treatment?

  1. This is similar to the surgery I had for endometriosis, and from what I can tell, I have had more success at…I don’t know how to say it…I guess “regrowth?” Whatever they did, it seemed to work pretty well!

  2. Hi Layla!
    How exciting!! I’m so happy that it works well for you and I’m grateful that you’ve let me know… It confirms what I want to do for my next surgery! I’ve had terrible problems with regrowth (I think that’s the best word for it!) and have had three laparoscopies so far. My most recent was in November 2008 so the regrowth has taken about three years… I have to tell you – I’m very excited about this new approach to surgery. I want to tell everyone that is about to undergo a hysterectomy for endometriosis that there IS another option!
    Wishing you many pain-free days!

  3. Foxy,
    I tweeted you yesterday but thought I might better explain my message a little better! I also discovered the same website as I was Googling about the removal of pelvic peritoneum for endometriosis! I am having that procedure in two weeks and was very nervous as I had not heard much about it. My surgeon is confident it will help with pain and adhesions.
    Thank you for your research and sharing the info!

    Take care,

  4. Hi EndoJoanna

    Well, I’m sorry that you’re needing surgery but I’m delighted that you’re having a surgery that appears to make such a big difference to quality of life. I do hope all goes well and will keep everything crossed for you. Please do let us all know how you get on and if you think it’s worked well.


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