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I was at home on Thursday night while Helios was at a Quiz Night with his work.  I took the opportunity to do a bit of tidying.  I walked from the bathroom to the kitchen and felt a crunch under my right slipper.  I wondered how a bit of plastic got into the bathroom but walked through to the kitchen thinking “I’ll pick that up in a minute.”  When I went back to the bathroom I discovered a half-crunched spider!  I have a hard time with spiders when they’re alive or dead.  It’s a proper phobia so I spent the rest of the evening in the living room, perched on the sofa like a parrot on Helios’s shoulder.  I waited Helios’s return so he could rescue me.

Later that night Helios came in clutching his prize – his team won the quiz (no surprise there) and I was treated to a blow by blow account of how many questions he successfully answered before he rescued me from the spider corpse.  Indeed, he answered 9 out of 10 questions correctly in the film round – all the questions were about James Bond films.

Of course, I’ve never liked bugs.  When my parents were still married they lived in a house near some fields.  I was about 3 when this incident happened and it’s Mom’s favourite story.  A mouse invaded the house and, when I saw it, I climbed Mom like a monkey up a tree while screaming “A BIG BUG!! A BIG BUG!! A BIG BUG!!”

I had a strange encounter at a charity shop this past week.  I let a man pass me by and he looked at me and said “Espionage?”  I can only image that he was referring to my appearance, I was wearing my red winter coat and beige winter hat.  I said “No, it’s just my hat.”

Helios has started a blog about his favourite passion: films.  Consequently we’ve talked about how we write.  His comment about my writing was – frankly – a little disappointing for me.  I just assumed that people reading me would automatically hear my voice.  He maintained my voice isn’t in my blog.  OK, I have to write about difficult subjects.  I think it’s important to sound intelligent when I talk about women’s health.  It’s not good enough to learn the issues and then talk about the nuisances in a condescending tone.  He has a point though.  It’s not me if I don’t sound like me.


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  1. What I said was not meant to insult you. was just you can’t use your humour on a non humorous subject . But men as dogs is the woman I married

  2. Darling,
    I wasn’t insulted. I was concerned that I didn’t sound like me. I want to sound like me. If you don’t think I sound like me, well I don’t want to lose my voice just because the subject I cover here is a bit serious.
    Of course, I’ll be there to comment on your writing too… I’m sure you won’t take it as an insult.
    Love you

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