All work and no play

The rest of my week in the office was busy.

Wednesday we had 18 partners of the firm in our office all day.  While I was trying to get through other things, I was making teas and coffees by the bucketful.

Thursday we were told that our office made a profit last month and the partners bought cakes for the office.  Hopefully this will result in a halting of any more cuts the partners were considering!

Also on Thursday my line manager and my receptionist were in telephone training all day.  They now have the ability to work on the live telephone system.  Initially I was concerned that I wasn’t getting the training because I like to be involved in all the new aspects of my work.  However, I have a lot of responsibility in the office and I expect the partners wanted her to start to pull her weight.  Sadly, although she believes that she is capable, I don’t believe that our receptionist is smart enough to do any proper amendments to the system.  As I’ve previously mentioned, she once again didn’t get a book and take notes during the training.  I expect all I have to do is wait until she breaks something.

Friday I made sure to get a lot of my filing out of the way before my partners come back on Monday – partly because I want to make sure I look good and partly because I wanted to get away from my desk and away from my receptionist who, as you may have gleaned, really gets on my nerves.  Oh sure her heart is in the right place and she is a very caring soul but I find her trying as well.

At least this weekend is meant to be clear, bright and seasonably warm.  I find it odd to need to kill mosquitoes in October but here I am chasing one around the living room!

Next week should be better at work – no one is on holiday and my major projects are finally over.  I now need to concentrate on destroying the ancient files in archive and then I can look at expanding my responsibilities in other areas.