Not Quite October

Firstly the weather this week has been extraordinary!  We’ve had a stunning week of sunshine and summery temperatures.  All my laundry is already done thanks to Helios putting everything on the line every morning.  The days in the office have been very trying – the unseasonable heat seems to make everything go slowly and all I want to do is sleep.

Despite the summery weather, the mornings have been cold and foggy.  My drive to work in the morning has been beautiful: wisps of fog were playing hide and seek amongst the trees and sunshine.

I’m currently in charge of the Admin Department at my office as my line manager has a fortnight’s break.  I’ve been very busy doing some of the things my boss usually does as well as the things I usually do.  The trouble I have is that I am currently responsible for the workload of the other admin girls and, while my friend who is retiring has plenty to be getting on with, I feel I cannot give anything to my receptionist.  She is the dim-witted one who said “Why don’t you just…” when I made the mistake of discussing endometriosis in the office.  Her heart is generally in the right place and I have to remind myself of this fact regularly when she drives me a little crazy.  I’ve trained her to do things and I leave her to do it when I think she understands but she doesn’t write it down and then asks again.  So when I asked her if she wanted to write this down, she got out some post-it notes.  Very disappointing.  I have a bible of instructions so I always know what to do in any given situation.  OK, it’s just a short-hand notebook but it’s mine and I refer to it when required.  How is she meant to refer to a post-it note?  Grrrrrrrrrrr.  I didn’t correct her.  I thought it would be a good idea to let her make mistakes so that she’ll learn from them the hard way.

I’m preparing for my friend to retire and dreading her leaving.  She’s the one I carpool with three times a week and I’ve gotten to know her reasonably well over the past (almost) two years.  I’m going to miss her.  I did the shopping for retirement presents on Thursday and Friday.  She asked for some jewellery so she’ll get that as well as a corporate gift certificate.

On Wednesday Helios and I had a meeting with the rest of the residents in our building.  I was apprehensive about it but didn’t need to be.  We do have issues but these usually arise from new residents, for instance, not being aware of what we can and cannot put in the recycle bins.  Out of the six flats we’ve had three change hands in the past 4 months so the meeting was timely!  Just one or two meetings sorts minor issues.

Recently I’ve been in touch with Sandy Keith who talks candidly and lovingly about the loss of her husband to Parkinsons.  Bearing in mind my dad recently died of Parkinsons, reading her blog is a comfort to me.

First thing Saturday Helios and I went to collect a new Henry Hoover.  I had the old one for over a decade so we got exactly the same machine again.  I was so excited that I dove into the box when we got it home and immediately tried it out.  Wonderful!  Not only does it work as well as the first one but it has a new feature or two that I couldn’t help but play with.  Now, the Law of Sod states that if the weather is good during the week, chances are it will rain at the weekend.  However, the rest of my Saturday was spent enjoying the sunshine and having a tidy.  I just love accomplishing things!

Last night Helios and I went to see The Pub Landlord.  For my Mom, The Pub Landlord is a character created by a comedian.  This character is xenophobic (“If we lived without rules where would we be?  That’s right: France!”), sexist (“The only two acceptable professions for a woman are nurse and secretary.”) and rude with his audience.  Helios and I have seen a few comedians live and we regularly shout out answers to questions.  So when The Pub Landlord said “Do we have anyone in from overseas?”  He got a few answers but nothing nearly as spectacular as my answer “I was American.”  He quizzed me for a few seconds and pronounced that he liked me and said I put the “ish” in British.  I needed the laugh and so was delighted that we went.  Thanks Helios, for buying the tickets!