Life imitates humour

I had my most recent cervical smear this week.  It’s never pleasant but I was shocked at how my life imitates my humour.  Some time ago I kept going back to the doctor for another smear and yet another smear.  They never seemed to get enough cells for a proper sample.  I joked that the real reason they couldn’t get a proper sample was because I’d hidden my cervix in my left underarm.

This time I went and when the girls who were taking the samples had a hard time finding my cervix I told them that I’d hidden it from them.  I’ll bet they’ve never heard that one before!

There was an event of note during the exercise: they said “It’s moving!  It’s moving!”  Trying to relax while you have implements in there is difficult enough but I probably prolonged the agony when I imagined they were chasing my cervix around the room!  Note to self: stop giggling!!