Five Things Friday

  1. I’ve asked for photos from my dad’s family – I expect it’s the only thing that they can give me now that he’s gone.
  2. Dad only came to England once and he took lots of photos of road signs.  I don’t know why.
  3. Dad said that if I ever needed SERIOUS help that I just needed to call him and call him “Father” and he would understand.  I don’t know what he thought he would do but I expect it calmed his mind that he and I had a code…
  4. Dad had a younger brother who died just a few days before I was born.  At the same time The Beatles had a hit with “Let it be”.  Although he was an Elvis fan, he always liked that Beatles tune.
  5. After I was first married to the first husband, Dad would ring me and insist that I have babies.  “Are you pregnant?” was his usual conversation opener, followed quickly by “You’re my seed”.  I expect he got tired of asking for grandchildren after a while.  I wanted babies in my 20s but decided against it with my first husband.  Helios offered to have children with me but “you have to want it 110%”.  It was hard to be honest with myself but I really didn’t want children – I enjoy having fun now and I’m not guilty about being selfish in this regard at all.


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