Five things Friday

  1. Helios and I love watching movies.  We regularly go to the cinema – mainly because Helios is the head of his “film club” at his office and they buy cinema tickets in bulk as part of their Social Club.  Otherwise we wouldn’t be able to afford tickets.  Helios likes to listen to Mark Kermode’s radio show.  Hello Jason Isaacs!
  2. Generally speaking, there are Friday Markets in villages and towns all across the country.  In the village, Helios, Apollo and I had lunch at the local burger van at the market.  We had a bit of a wander in the village before heading home.
  3. These elite food programmes always have an obligatory artistic smear of a sauce on a plate.  I hate that!!  How pretentious!
  4. Apollo is currently travelling home.  Although I’d planned the trip down to (nearly) the last detail, some idiot at Waterloo Station thought it would be a good idea to pull the fire alarm.  Luckily we’d planned that Apollo leave so early that he’ll still make his connection to the South West in London.
  5. I regularly need a pee in the night.  Unfortunately the flat is so small that I have to crawl over Helios to get to the toilet.  With Apollo only in the garden, I also had to ensure that I had a dressing gown on over my pyjamas before leaving the bedroom.  I didn’t encounter Apollo at all but didn’t feel comfortable without all my extra accoutrements in the night!