Apollo at Natural History Museum

Initially we thought we’d go to Greenwich  for the Natural Maritime Museum’s sword collection before heading to the Natural History Museum in South Kensington.  However, the significant gap between them made me re-think the day trip.  When forced to choose it was unanimous – we went to the Natural History Museum yesterday.  I am so glad we did!

What a great day!  We got there not long after it opened and still had to queue for about half an hour.  However, it didn’t seem terribly long at all and soon we were inside and pouring through the exhibits.  Currently there’s an “animal sexuality” exhibit which we avoided, but otherwise we saw everything.  We had a surprisingly tasty lunch there and after an information-packed few hours, we decided to head for home.

In particular, I enjoyed it because I managed to get some great photos of Apollo while he wasn’t looking.  OK, it’s not perfect because I didn’t get a great full-face shot, but bearing in mind he hates having his photo taken, I tried to get a few by stealth and managed reasonably well!

As a house guest Apollo is at the top.  When he finishes his food or drink he takes his dirty dishes through to the kitchen and runs water over them.  Although he seems terribly picky, so far he’s been very relaxed about the meals my kitchen has produced.  OK, I do worry that he’s doing himself harm by not eating breakfast and Helios griped when Apollo put his feet on the couch but these are minor issues.  Apollo will decide to eat breakfast when he fancies it and the sofa will survive all our smelly feet.

I love the fact that Apollo hasn’t complained about sleeping in a tent in the garden.  I love the fact that he’s willing to try anything he’s never eaten before – he tried a blackberry and pronounced it “SOUR!”  I love pottering in the kitchen while listening to Apollo and Helios chattering away.  I was keen that they get to know each other well while Apollo was here and it’s nice for me to see the process as it is happening.

Of course I enjoy Apollo’s company as well.  He’s polite, personable and funny.  He was even comfortable enough to ask why I had surgery.  I told him that (during my first marriage) I had three miscarriages and terrible pain so I had surgery and was diagnosed with endometriosis.  I saw him flinch – I suppose people do that when I just come out with such personal information so I didn’t go into detail.  I figure he’ll ask more questions if and when he’s interested in women’s health.

Today we’re planning to go shopping and dodge the rain that’s falling.