Step Son, Apollo

As you know I’ve been looking forward to seeing Apollo for some time now!

We collected him yesterday and drove back home.  We didn’t really stop chatting the whole journey.  About half way, Apollo finally fell into stereotype and cheekily asked “Are we there yet?”  Although we sat in the usual queue near Stonehenge, it didn’t change the ultimate journey time much.

When we got home I took Apollo grocery shopping.  I wanted to make a meal that I knew he would eat.  He said more than once that he wasn’t that fussy an eater but the more I asked, the more I worried that I didn’t have anything in the house for him.  In the end we decided on a chilli con veggie (which he seems to like) and dip in tortilla chips.

We borrowed the tent from the neighbours and managed to put it up, eventually.  I couldn’t help but like the fact that we had a group activity to bond.

After putting up the tent and having dinner, we all curled up on the couch and watched a bit of TV.  Helios and I were tired after the long drive so we went to bed.  Apollo went to the tent and crashed.  We gave him a key to the flat in case he needed to get in overnight.

I don’t know yet how he slept but I hope he slept well.  He has a yoga mat under his sleeping bag and a pillow.  I had to fight to not fuss over him – “Make yourself at home, come back in and grab an extra blanket if you get cold.”  I gave him a hug and said “Thanks for coming.”

Today we’re planning going on the walk we used to do when Helios and I were dating.  Pub lunch and then another long walk on the way back.