Five Things Friday

  1. Today is my step-son’s birthday so I’d like to send out a Happy Birthday to Apollo!  I’m so looking forward to seeing you again!
  2. I like drying clothes on the line.  Summer fresh!
  3. The flat is finally nearly ready for Apollo’s visit.  I’ve got the blow-up mattress ready, the sleeping bag is ready, I’ve got extra quilts just in case and I’ve got an extra pair of Helios’s pyjamas.
  4. I was surprised yesterday afternoon when I saw the leaves of a tree start to look just a little yellow.  It’s only August – still summer in my book.  OK it’s a little cool for August but I’d not dreamt that leaves would be turning already.
  5. I’ve started drinking chamomile and peppermint tea every evening.  I find it very relaxing.