Five things Friday

  1. I cannot stand Cricket.  I find it painfully boring.
  2. My mom will be sad to read that I’m still having problems with my feet.  The tendons on the soles of my feet – particularly the one linking my big toes and my heels – occasionally experience a momentary white hot pain that makes me immediately stop walking.  It’s not a daily problem but it’s more and more regular – especially if I walk a lot.  I have a new appreciation for my feet.  If I have the same foot problem that Mom does it’s another chronic condition called plantar fasciitis and is characterised by inflammation of the feet.  OUCH!  At the moment I treat my feet by doing a lot of stretching, and massage with calendula oil.  It helps but doesn’t prevent more pain.
  3. I was delighted that my sister sent me a link to inspire my blog-writing.  More details of that in the days to come…
  4. I love cooking and not just cookies.  I make a great risotto, baked salmon, chilli con carne, chicken stroganoff, curry, etc.  It’s another way to be creative.  I also use cooking to express my love for someone.
  5. I’ve temporarily given up on the Endometriosis Tea.  While I find it terribly tasty, I also find myself wondering if it will counter-indicate with my birth control pills.  Does anyone want my leftover ingredients to give it a go?

2 thoughts on “Five things Friday

  1. Plantar Fascitis is debilitating for sure. BUT, I’ve found something that helps most of the time. Not always, but it’s an improvement.

    Powerstep Pinnacle Orthotic Inserts, I also use the arch supports as my ankles turn in which is why I have Plantar Facitis in the first place. My feet were not supported, and I have small ankles, so they couldn’t take the pressure either.

    Try them! They are ~$25 and last 6 months or more.

  2. Thanks very much for the advice. Like you, I think my ankles turn in and are small. I invested in a pair of Birkenstocks and I have spent most of my summer so far in them. I find it odd that they don’t help as much as I’d hoped. The only thing that really helps is to rest my feet but I don’t always get the chance to sit at work. Luckily I’m on holiday now so I don’t have a lot of need to stay on my feet.

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