Another Busy Night

I woke up this morning after another busy night.  I also dreamt that I got a haircut.  Currently my hair is all one length and well past my shoulders.  I wasn’t consulted.  I was given a mullet.  I was distraught.  It’s taken years to get my hair this long, it would take years to rectify all the weight taken off it.

Earlier this week, I dreamt that I was with some work friends at a pub at lunchtime.  I was drinking water while everyone else was eating a lavish meal.  When I got my home-made sandwich out of the grease-proof paper, Helena Bonham-Carter grabbed it away from me and tried to eat it.  I grabbed her wrist and told her to leave my sandwich alone!  Later, we all went back to work but I was later than everyone else so I tried to sneak into my office via my dad’s old trailer park…

While for me dreams provide a nice respite from reality, I do find it irksome that I spent so much of my time (awake and asleep) at work!  Is it little wonder I return to reality with a sigh of relief?