Rotten Headache

After a nasty head-cold (and managing to get enough rest to keep it from going onto my chest) I spent a couple of days at work last week.  I was a bit slower than usual but managed sufficiently.

I woke up Saturday with a nasty sinus headache – just above my left eye.  I took a sinus pain tablet and slept most of the afternoon.  I finally felt better when I woke up, a little drowsy but OK.  I slept well Saturday night and woke up again Sunday with the same headache.

Sunday’s headache has been harder to get rid of.  I took the same tablet, had a nap for a couple of hours but still had the headache.  I decided to take a shower and the steam has helped.  It’s still lingering but not as bad as it was.

I decided to chat to my mom.  Chatting to Mom always makes me feel better.  Helios made a hot chilli while I was talking.  He always is very good at looking after me.  I’m having some food and going back to bed.



2 thoughts on “Rotten Headache

  1. Sorry to hear that Foxy. Hopefully the hot chilli will help clear your sinuses too, and you’ll feel better tomorrow.

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