Five things Friday

1. Helios and I watch a lot of science fiction. Currently it’s all the Star Treks starting with Enterprise.

2. In my 20s (when my birth control so effectively managed my endometriosis symptoms that I considered myself normal) I managed to get a degree in European History and French. I still love history and regularly watch documentaries on the Yesterday channel.

3. I like rain. I’ve always liked it. My favourite memory of the rain was when I was walking in the middle of my old university campus. It was summertime and the weather, as always in the Midwest US was painfully hot. The rain was a cool respite – a gift from the heavens.

4. I nearly fell over when I read that Marilyn Monroe had endometriosis. The fact has made me look at her in a completely different light. The success, drugs, marriages, lack of children… In the middle of all that was pain. My pain. She and I have something in common. After I got over the shock I couldn’t help but think: “Who else has endometriosis who can help bring light to the illness”??

5. Despite only spending two days at work, I’m still pretty tired. I think I overdid it by running files up and down the stairs again. My feet are just killing me!


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