Relay for Life

A team from my work participated in a Relay for Life this past weekend. In case you’re not familiar – the Relay for Life is an event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. My team (not all of them at once) walked non-stop for 24 hours between noon Saturday and noon Sunday.

I felt pretty rough on Saturday so I didn’t go to the Relay until Sunday morning. By that point I realised that my exhaustion was partially due to a pretty heavy head-cold. Although I was uncomfortable, I did my walk and thoroughly enjoyed the experience. The track was surrounded by Candle of Hope bags – hand decorated by those of us who wanted to remember a loved one or to give hope to the rest of us. I will admit to crying most of the time I was there…

I still have a heavy head-cold and so stayed home today from work. I really debated going in but decided (rightly I think) that I don’t get paid enough to play the martyr. Your health is the most important thing, isn’t it?