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The past few weeks I’ve been amalgamating a filing system. On average I’m working 40-41 hours a week at the moment. In normal circumstances I don’t have people working for me but our receptionist and another secretary are helping where they can with the project. I had an office junior for just over 3 weeks but he had a job interview yesterday and starts a new job on Monday. The loss of my junior is a terrible blow to the project: the rest of us have other tasks to be getting on with as well as this project. My junior has managed to get through a fantastic amount of the hard work. Now he’s gone, I have to ask for another personal slave and pray that I’m given one! We’re currently over half-way through the project and I’ve already lost the will to live with the endeavour.

I’m tired of working such long hours. I’m tired of such a huge project with seemingly no end in sight. Now that I’ve lost Junior, it’s going to take longer. I’m totally fed up with work. It’s a shame. I really like the people I work for and believe that, once the dust settles it will be a pretty good place to work. However, I’m so exhausted most of the time that I really have to concentrate to see the fruits of my labour. I cannot stress enough how tired I am.

Last Friday, after a day of training, everyone was allowed to go except for the administration girls – we all had to stay just in case the phones rang. Well, ultimately the decision was amended so that one of us had to stay until 5:30 and the rest of us could go. My line manager was absolutely livid. After weeks of hard graft, the least they could do is to let us all go an hour early. Bearing in mind that people in the other offices go at 3:00 p.m. on a Friday, it’s little wonder we were incensed at the verdict to keep the office open.

I offered to stay behind because I was going to see the first of all the Harry Potter films that evening with my dear Helios. When I was alone and had closed up the office for the night, I opened up the newspaper and saw the answer: a permanent job at a local (about 10 minutes walk from the flat) private school advertising for a Secretary to Development Director.

The position will provide secretarial and administrative support to the Development Director and the Deputy Development Director; to organise, and help prepare for, meetings by the Development Director and Deputy Development Director with donors and potential donors, and to co-ordinate the follow-up. The postholder will work very closely with the Information Manager (Development Office) who is responsible for maintaining comprehensive records of all donors and their gifts, and all potential donors, as well as efficient office and ‘donor stewardship’ systems. The bit that really caught my eye was the request of fund-raising and/or events management. Over the years I’ve organised a number of charitable events outside working hours. Wouldn’t it be nice to work for a school to help organise events regularly? Finally a place to work where I will feel like I’m making the world a better place – in my own small way! When not out with Helios at the cinema last weekend, I was working on my CV and application form. Last Sunday I sent it off by email.

Fingers crossed!



6 thoughts on “Work Update

  1. Oh the best of luck Foxy. I have everything crossed for you, which makes it difficult to type, lol! It sounds like a great job, and very rewarding.

  2. Tricia, Thanks for making me laugh!! It’s not a bad job. I do hope I get an interview. These days, so many people go for just one job – I’m sure I’ll have plenty of brilliant competition…

  3. Things like that are why I always hated working in administration – you’re always left behind to do the work when everyone else can leave and it’s quite unfair.

  4. Thanks for your comment Layla. It’s not so bad if I leave things to be done tomorrow so long as I’m not pressured to get everything done today. Realistic expectations are very much appreciated! I’m not very good with stress, as you can imagine!

  5. Thanks very much! I have taken yesterday and today off sick. When I rang into the office this morning I was told that more office junior help has been organised so all I have to do is get over my head-cold and continue the project.

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