Five Things Friday

1. I’ve been seeing all the Harry Potter films in the cinema – The Philosopher’s Stone on 8th July, Chamber of Secrets on 9th July, Prisoner of Azkaban on 10th July, etc etc. I loved every minute but am now loving relaxing with my Darling Helios tonight.
2. I’m happy with where I work but there have been changes that I’m not entirely happy with recently. Consequently, when there was a secretarial job advertised in the village, I tweaked my CV and applied. Fingers crossed!
3. My shoulders and neck are in significant amounts of pain. I’ve been regularly taking paracetamol and
4. My Helios does the ironing. When we first got together I offered to do the ironing and he (being a former RAF man) said my ironing wasn’t good enough. I told him that he could do it but I think he said that just so he could do the ironing. He likes it. (!)
5. This weekend I’m participating in my Relay for Life event to raise money for Cancer Research UK. Cancer has a lot to answer for and I’m going to make it pay – one step at a time.

4 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Good luck with the job! Closer is better. Always keep a look out for what will cut down on the commute.

  2. Tricia,
    Thanks for your comments and yes, it is GRRRREEEEAAAATTT! However, I have to say that I actually like ironing. I just pop in a film and by the time the film is done, so is the ironing! I know I’m odd. 🙂

  3. Thanks very much! I’ve got all my fingers, toes and everything else crossed. They’ve already acknowledged receipt of my CV but, beyond that, I’ll hope to hear from them on/after 25th July.

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