Five Things Friday

I saw this on Wishfulfillment Everyday and thought “what a good idea!”  Here’s five things for you:

  1. As you know I’m on my second marriage.  What you don’t know is that we probably watch far too much TV.  We religiously watch Top Gear every Sunday night.  We’ve seen all Star Treks – the original series, TNG, Voyager, DS9 and Enterprise.  We’ve seen all of Babylon 5 twice.  We’ve also seen all of Stargate and Stargate Atlantis.  It’s official – I’m a nerd!
  1. I only shower twice a week because I have long hair and very dry skin.  Although now I mention it, showering is a spectator sport in my house.  Occasionally I try to make the excuse of chatting to Helios when he’s in the shower but I usually just go to watch the show…
  1. Occasionally I buy generic presents on sale in anticipation of Christmas and neighbour’s birthdays.  This year I’ve taken all the ones I can find and have put them into a raffle as prizes for my Relay for Life – Cancer Research UK charity event this summer.
  1. I love baking cookies but find the dough a bit hard on my wrists.  I regularly have Helios’s help with the mixing.
  1. During the week I have eggs for breakfast but at the weekend I regularly have beans on toast with cheese and jalapenos peppers.


2 thoughts on “Five Things Friday

  1. Awesome, glad you’re doing this! I just did mine as well.

    I also follow Josh into the shower to “talk” to him, hehe! 😛 I have very oily skin and hair so I have to shower daily, and in the summer, often two times a day. It’s quite annoying.

  2. Hi Layla!
    Thanks very much for the idea! I’m thinking about next week’s Five Things…
    I have painfully dry skin so I only shower twice a week – it’s also annoying. I would only shower once a week if my hair didn’t get oily in the meantime… My skin is so dry I can’t use soap – I use aqueous cream instead.
    The other night I went into the shower and told him I was just there “for the show”! LOL

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