The Flaws are Fine

I don’t live in what can be considered a normal body.  I have endometriosis, PCOS, Insulin Resistance and other chronic illnesses.  I identify with my problems as much as my achievements.  I am imperfect and happy to be so.  When I saw Laura Page’s article called “The Flaws are Fine” I immediately felt in good company.  What I love about the sentiment of The Flaws are Fine is that imperfection is not something we have to settle for – rather it’s something to be celebrated.

I saw a documentary once where Stephen Hawking described the universe as imperfect.  He said that, had the matter in the universe been perfectly formed and uniformly spaced – that the universe would not have ever produced life.  It was only the imperfections that allowed matter to grow to form stars, planets and eventually life.

I expect most people in a perfectly normal body would feel relieved to know that perfection will always be out of their grasp but I feel vindicated to know that I’m never going to be perfect.  I can accept myself as I am and be delighted that I’m as perfect as I’m going to get.