Hope Despite Depression

I’ve recently joined SeededBuzz, a community of bloggers who are promoting one another’s blogs when I found this: http://hopedespitedepression.blogspot.com/2010/11/grateful-for-depresson.html

Now, bearing in mind that I have a number of chronic illnesses and have suffered a long bought of depression in the past, I know exactly how the writer feels.  Although depression is something that I’ve overcome, I will never have a cure for my endometriosis.  My pain is something that I hate and identify with myself.  My pain has given me a special sympathy for others.

Buddhism has given me more answers lately than any other philosophy.  There was once a woman who was distraught after losing her baby.  She went to the Buddha for help.  The Buddha told her that she would find solace when she could bring back a mustard seed from the house where no one had lost a loved one.  Needless to say, the woman could not find a house where no one had lost a loved one but gained a lot of support from all the people that she talked to.  She returned to the Buddha not with a mustard seed, but with thanks for the Buddha.

The point is we grow stronger when we support one another.  Emotional pains are invisible but just as valid as physical pain.