Just surviving an average day in a normal body can be tricky sometimes.  Currently at work I’m amalgamating two different filing systems.  Well, when I say me, I mean I’m running the project and I’ve got a number of people who work for me on the project.  I’ve got one boy of 20 working for me full time and several others who dip in and out.  It’s a long, drawn-out process that I’m not quite half way through.  I find it tricky because some days I have just two or three extra hands while Friday I had seven people helping.

I suppose it’s little wonder I get home and collapse.  I’m not really accustomed to running up and down the stairs quite so often.  I’m in pain but mostly from fatigue and the dull ache from moving so many files up and down.  My feet are aching.  I’ve got a knot in my back that rarely seems to ease.

Bearing in mind how busy I’ve been the last few weeks at work, it’s little wonder that I struggle with sleep.  Last night I dreamt I was working in a child day-care centre.  It was a very colourful place but a bit shabby.  There was a nice corner under the stairs with some vintage bedroom furniture – very 60s!  Angular chairs with terra cotta cushions and a small single minimalist bed with matching covers.  These were hidden by a curtain under the stairs.  On the other side of the curtain there was a ramshackle single bed with lots of cushions and different quilts.  At another stairwell there was a multi-coloured rope instead of a banister.  The rope wasn’t very well made and fell apart when I tried to climb the stairs.  I’m sure there’s some meaning there – mostly work related!

The up side to all this work is that I’m sure it looks great on a CV!