Is there any way of making Endometriosis more accessible to the general public?

I still have a hard time talking about Endo to my friends as work.  I don’t want for them to think that I’m constantly in pain when I’m not.  I don’t want them to think that I’m on another crusade.

But what would happen if all the women in the UK got together and signed a petition demanding more information?  More research.  Better treatment…  What would happen if all the women in the UK were able to get together and demand more information in schools for girls; more posters in GP surgeries and hospitals; better information for doctors who consequently won’t tell any more of us that the pain is all in our heads?

How many of us are out there?  Depending on which web-side I read, it’s anywhere between 3% and 10% of women who have endometriosis: but what is it exactly?  Does it matter that up to 10% of women worldwide have endometriosis?  How many women are there in the UK?  According to National Statistics Online (, the number of women in the UK  in 2007 was approximately 31 million.  If as many as 3% of us has endometriosis, we number a small army.  Imagine what we could achieve if we got together…