Endometriosis Treatment: Birth Control Pill

I don’t think any treatment for endometriosis is worth its weight in gold but this one works for me.  I take several pill packs back to back.  My last cycle was nearly 12 weeks between periods.  The theory is that the fewer periods I have, the less pain I am in.


The theory is fairly accurate.  I have a fantastic time when I feel normal.  I don’t live in the constant dread of pain.  I have it on good authority that I can leave it as long as 6 months between periods.  On the same theory, the fewer periods I have the better love life I have.  Because I have so many weeks between periods, my hormone levels are regular and I don’t have too many weeks where I need to take Milk Thistle.

Because I take birth control, I can plan when I have a period and ensure that my periods occur at the most convenient time for me: I can organise my periods around my life instead of my life around my period.


My body periodically demands a period – meaning I have PMT and then spotting for a week or so before I go back to feeling more human.  Also the bloating is hard to hide.  I do spend a lot of time feeling a bit like a beached whale.  The longer I take the birth control, the more days I need to take Milk Thistle for PMT.  I also experience bloating and a right ovary that burns regularly.

It’s not ideal by any stretch of the imagination.  Ideal would be take a tablet and all the pain goes away totally.  However, I would tolerate another surgery if it meant that all the endometriosis would be completely eradicated.

Endometriosis is a nuisance because different treatments work for different women so just because something works for me (or rather I can tolerate this treatment plan) doesn’t mean that this will be good for you.  However, you have to know about all the options before you can try things that work for you.

Have a pain-free tomorrow!


6 thoughts on “Endometriosis Treatment: Birth Control Pill

  1. Im really glad you have found something that works for you 🙂
    Sadly my experience with the Mini Pill and Combined Pill wasnt a good one..it was more of a Nightmare if anything!
    Hopefully i will find something that will make life a bit easier
    Good Post
    x x x

  2. Hi there again Endosister!
    I hope you’ve found a suitable treatment. Have you got a suitable treatment? There are many other things to try: the Mirena Coil for instance…
    Have you been to the doctor for some depression treatment? Don’t forget, I’ve been through all this myself. Don’t let it get you down. Take care and keep me posted.

  3. Thank you Foxy 🙂
    No havent a suitable Treatment as yet,Im awaiting Scan and Lap.
    Nurse said Zoladex may help as explained problems with the Hormones in the Pill.
    She said probably the Mirena will be ruled out in that case.
    Im waiting for Scan Results and Bloods to come back (hopefully Friday) and then will discuss Results with Doctor and also about Depression
    Many Thanks
    x x x

  4. That’s so great that you had a good experience with this! I have been on bcp but not continuous for a long time and I was like you. When not on my period, I was in heaven! I hope for those days again. So glad you’re doing ok!

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