Not in a life-threatening way but the sort of pain that you can’t ignore.  I felt it creeping up on me earlier today.  My back tightened.  I kept walking oddly in an effort to stretch it out.  But it is endometriosis – no stretching will help.  I’ve been taking the painkillers for a couple of days to get it into my system before the worst of the pain takes hold.

It’s usually in my back – travelling down my legs – it’s making me incoherent.  My head rolls on my neck.  My eyes are blank.  I am easily annoyed.  It hurts to move.  It hurts to be still.  I’m unable to concentrate.  I have a hard time finishing sentences.  My womb is grumbling.  My ovaries are burning.  I’m tired but am having trouble sleeping.

Wave after wave of pain crashing over my back, oozing down my legs.  Having trouble breathing.  Catch breath – then deep breath again.  Don’t move.  Can’t keep my eyes open.  Can’t sleep.  Is there any way I can make this go faster?  Push.  Still pain.  Is there any way I can get through this?  Is it little wonder I dread my periods?!

Not feeling quite human.


7 thoughts on “Pain

  1. Totally relate to the pain you’re in Foxy. I hope it’s over for you soon.

  2. Hi Tricia
    Thanks very much for your comment and good wishes.
    Wishing us all a pain free tomorrow!
    Your endosister,

  3. My dear Woman Warrior friend. Thanks ever so much for your comment. I’m sure tomorrow will be better – although it would be good if all our tomorrows were better!

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