About last night

Mom, I know you like reading this blog so I’ll make sure to keep the gory details to a minimum!  If, despite my efforts, you’re still grossed out – you can’t say you’ve not been warned.

My wonderful Helios and I were fooling around last night.  It was fabulous as always.  After the proceedings, I felt odd and uncomfortable.  My womb wasn’t quite right.  I was spotting.  I wasn’t sure if I should take a paracetamol but dozed off safe in the knowledge that I could sleep through the night.

Unfortunately I woke up from pain at 12:30.  By this time the pain was shooting down my legs.  I was still spotting.  I decided to take a paracetamol/codeine and went back to bed.

I spent the next hour trying not to wake Helios.  I was tormented with thoughts of my endometriosis.  Should I go to work tomorrow?  I have to go to work tomorrow – no choice.  I’ve got plans.  But I won’t be able to function under this kind of pain.  Would I go to work but then come home if I can’t take it?  No.  I really needed the whole day.  Why do things always seem worse in the middle of the night?

I crawled over Helios again to go to the toilet at 1:30 a.m.and the pain was beginning to abate.  I was still unconvinced.  I just couldn’t decide if I should try to sleep on the couch.  I went back to bed and crawled over Helios.  It didn’t take long when I finally drifted off.

This morning I woke up, got out of bed and immediately had some breakfast and a mefanamic acid tablet.  I was still uncomfortable but was desperate to ensure I could work well.

It worked.  I managed to get to work and held off the pain well enough that no one at work could imagine what I’d been through the night before.  I’m still spotting.

The experience has convinced me that I need to make sure to have a period this weekend coming.  I had my last period in March.  I’ve managed to hold off pain for a number of months instead of weeks.  Since March I had a number of issues with bloating and PMT but, in an effort to control my pain, I really can’t complain.  However, I may feel differently this weekend!