Nine Weeks

During week seven I had some pain on the Wednesday: the usual period pain but not nearly so strong.  Unsurprisingly the next day I had a bit of spotting which left me in my usual panic – do I have a period or not.  I decided to wait for another week in the hopes that my spotting would stop.  My right ovary is very uncomfortable – it’s as if it’s stuck against something inside again.

Luckily the spotting and pain has stopped.  Both ovaries are uncomfortable.  It’s not all the time and not severe but when I feel it I can’t help but wonder.

Week eight has passed without incident.  My bloating has abated; my PMT has nearly disappeared.  I’m starting to wonder if those few days of discomfort during week seven was actually a “ghost period” and now I can get on with stretching my time between periods even longer.  Who knows?  I may stretch it to once every six months like the doctor at my colposcopy suggested!

Speaking of biopsies, I got my test results after the colposcopy.  The biopsy came back negative.  I have another follow up in September for another smear test.  I’ll mention the ovarian pain again and get any reassurance I need for just two periods per year.

I will admit to being very tired.  Last weekend and this weekend I’ve found myself needing a nap at least once or else fall asleep uncomfortably on the couch.  Of course if I find the fatigue too much, I’ll give myself a period and see how things go from there.

Today is another Bank Holiday in England so Helios and I are watching movies and relaxing.  Helios is ironing and I’m trying not to fall asleep on the couch again.  My right shoulder is still sore.  It’s been sore for a number of days – or even weeks.  While over the counter painkillers and Deep Heat help, it’s never long before the pain comes back.  Particularly beneath my shoulder blade has a number of painful knots.  I’m debating going to the doctor or just getting a proper back, shoulder and neck massage to see what helps.