Betrayed by my body?

RT @PelvicHlthPsych: Mary Lou Ballweg – women with #endo feel betrayed by their bodies; others do not believe their suffering.

A rebuttal to the above retweet:

The thing I object to with the above quote is that “betrayal” is such a strong word.  I don’t mind my body.  It could be worse.  If I’d had the choice, I’d have chosen another body.  But betrayal?  No.  I’ve got an abnormal body but that doesn’t mean that I feel betrayed by it.  I’ve felt disappointed, distraught and unable to feel like a woman when I had my miscarriages.  I’ve been depressed thanks to the endometriosis.  Part of the reason my first marriage failed was due to endometriosis.

However, I am so much happier now that I consider all that went before to be a blessing in disguise.  The pain is something I continually endure.  Of course I’m not happy about it but I accept it as part of me as much as my fingers, toes and head.  My pain is something that helps me appreciate the good things in life – including my pain-free days, my fantastic Helios and supportive friends.  I would be a completely different person without my endometriosis pain and who knows if I would like that person?  I like myself the way I am now – and that includes the endometriosis pain.