A long sleep, dreams and other nonsense

I think I’m getting just a bit too old for the kind of fun I had on Tuesday.  I went to bed last night at about 8:15, dozed until Helios came to bed (I think I remember him saying “You’re lovely and warm!” as he cuddled up to me) and slept until 6:00.

I’ve been having some odd dreams lately but the one last night seemed longer than most – probably because I actually slept through the night.  I dreamt I was visiting my father’s family for Christmas but I didn’t have any presents – I think they were with my lost luggage.  I was shown a pile of presents that I could just pick up and say that they were for anyone in the family from me.  I felt terribly guilty and didn’t do it – because of my guilt and partially because they were already wrapped and I didn’t know what was in them and wouldn’t be able to give them to the right person.

Then I was in the community college of the city where I was born and I met a little girl – she can’t have been more than 8 or 9 – and she was the Second Coming.  Now, I don’t know how I knew this but I was the one telling everyone that we need to pay attention to her and to listen to her.

As always, I think that dreams are merely metaphors of what is happening in your waking life.  I think I want to be more generous with people but find that things are getting in my way – which may be apt considering a friend drove me toManchesterand back the other night.  I don’t like to feel obligated and did give her money for the tickets as well as for parking and petrol on the night.  I suppose I prefer to be more generous.

The Second Coming is also easily explained.  I expect it’s all my mind churning through this Rapture business that that idiot said would happen but didn’t and now it’s meant to be happening in October.  On the one hand I feel sorry for the guy – it’s got to be tough to believe that strongly and have it all dashed away from you.  It can’t be easy to be the butt of every joke on the planet.  However, can I just ask which of the many many translations he used to come to this magic number?  Can I ask which equation he used and how he came to formulate the equation?  Is he using the Gregorian or the Modern calendar?  If your beliefs are this easy to poke holes in, you ought to go back to school to get a good grounding in evolution, astronomy and mathematics!   While I believe in God, I also believe that you can’t blindly follow one thing just in case the path leads you to a cliff!   Just a little bit of knowledge isn’t enough.  One of the goals of life ought to be “learn as much as you can”.  Shame some people stop when they’re able to do more.

My work is going well.  The partner I work for in my firm is starting to work part-time and she says that she needs me to communicate with clients from time to time in her absence – I agreed so long as I know what to say to them!  I figure I’m getting along very well if they think that I can handle things in her absence.

Helios has a job interview today in London.  Please keep your fingers crossed for him.  I detest where he works at the minute.  Even though everyone knows he does twice the work that the other guy does, he still is asked to do more and more.  It’s insane.  I hope that he finds a decent job where he’s appreciated!

In other news Apollo is definitely coming in August.  He’s asked for the time off work and I asked him about what he prefers in a return ticket last night: he could go from London to the South West on a Megabus which will take about 6 hours but will only cost £8.  The question is if he wants to travel during the day or on an overnight bus which will get him home just before 6 in the morning.  Knowing I cannot sleep on a moving vehicle, I want to know which he prefers before I book the ticket.  The Megabus is so cheap that it will probably cost 3x the price of the Megabus just to get him to where he’ll get it in London!

My next project is to plan a few things for us all to do while he’s with us.  We all want to go to London once and see a couple of museums.  I’d like to drag him to all my friends and say “Look at my stepson!  Isn’t he adorable!” and pinch his cheek but I don’t think he’d ever let me forget it.  Instead we’ll just have to plan on a couple of BBQs, exploring the city where I work, maybe go down to the coast for the day and watching a lot of TV.  I plan to subject him to a number of very good films that I don’t think he’s seen before.  I know he wants to see some of the TV series that we have on DVD.  I’d like him to cook for us.  I’m really looking forward to it.