More Manchester Fun

A work colleague suggested that I take the afternoon off work and come toManchesteragain to see a testimonial game for Gary Neville’s retirement.  Before the days when a professional footballer earned more money than was really sensible, a testimonial game was given for retiring players and the proceeds went to the players.  These days the games are more symbolic and proceeds raised go to charities.  I couldn’t pass up the opportunity to go.  Helios unfortunately was unable to get the time off and I really missed him on the night.  I’ve only ever been to Manchester with Helios so in a strange way I felt as if he was with me even though he was still south of London.

However, in some ways it was nice that he had to miss it because my work colleague became a friend over the evening…  It takes just under 4 hours to get there and back from where we live so on the way to the event I heard her life story and on the way back I told her my life story.  Luckily she’s not the sort to judge and the time was spent simply reliving the old days.

At Old Trafford, Gary Neville started playing for the club in 1995 and many of his old team mates came to play for his retirement game.  Of note, David Beckham played and still has a bit of the old magic.  Wayne Rooney scored the only Man U goal but we lost the game: 1 – 2 Juventis.  As it was a friendly, the current big names were there but they didn’t play for long as the final game of the football season is soon…

It wasn’t quite 2:00 a.m.when I got home and I was still so excited about the day that I had a hard time getting to sleep.  I had a final visit to the bathroom at 2:45 a.m. so I know I got about 4 hours sleep last night.  Therefore tonight will be very swiftly to bed!  I’m making fish and chips with peas and will go to bed almost immediately afterwards.  No point in being a martyr and staying awake just to be grouchy with Helios, is there?

In other news I passed the eight week mark without incident.  I am not having any spotting and am not in pain.  I’m still suffering a bit of discomfort with my right ovary.  It’s not painful but I can feel a slight pulling on the inside every so often – if I’m stretching for example.  It feels as thought there’s a stitch in there that doesn’t give me any symptoms until I try and manoeuvre it free.  It reminds me slightly of when I’ve had a recent surgery and I’m trying not to move a certain way.

The other news is that my recent biopsy results came back completely clear.  I’m scheduled in for another smear test in September but I figure that’s only a good thing that they want to monitor me closely.  With any luck I’ve dodged The Big C totally!  Touch wood.