Married too long?

I got dressed for bed the other night in something less than my usual fluffy pyjamas…  It’s a comfortable silky number – not unattractive but not too revealing.

Helios: “I think we may have been married too long.”

Foxy: “Why?”

Helios: “I saw you in that nightgown and thought it needed ironing.”

How romantic!

Lucky for me, Helios is frightfully romantic, despite rumours to the contrary.  I have noticed recently that Helios is growing more tactile.  I’m not talking about intimacy.  I’m talking about simply having a cuddle on the couch or touching one another on the back as we pass in the corridor.  To some it might not sound like much but it’s better than anything he could buy me.  Besides, I feel the same way.  Sometimes in the night I reach for him, just to make sure he’s still there.