Update Apollo

I was chatting to Apollo last night.  I mentioned that we were watching Red Dwarf.  We highly recommend it if you’ve not heard of it.  Apollo said that he would come and live with us if we had the box set.  As we have all the discs, I told him that he ought to come and visit.  Although we have no definite plans, August would be good for us because we already have a fortnight’s holiday from work.  When Apollo said that he couldn’t afford to come – and to be fair, he’s still looking for a job – I said that we could send him the money for a train ticket but wasn’t sure how to go about that.  (I didn’t want him to have to start giving me his bank details!)  Did he have any suggestions?  Bless him, he said “How about you come to the West Country and I’ll catch a lift back with you.”  Well, when he said that I went into top gear.  I spoke with Helios, checked the dates, organised the hotel in the WC for the night and told Apollo that it’s a goer!

There are some other things I need to organise – a tent for the garden, check my blow-up mattress is still functioning, check the duvet and blanket situation, get some train tickets for the three of us to go to London for a day trip while Apollo is here, ascertain the best day for Apollo to return to WC and get train tickets for him, and get a list of Apollo’s favourite food.  Longer term, I want to have a look online at local jobs – I suspect it will be easier for him to find work in our county than his and, if that’s the case look at the possibility of him renting a room in a house nearby – which should be easy because there is a lot of student housing near the university in town.

Helios and I need to work out any house rules that need to be in place.  Then I’ll warn Apollo that he will be expected to help with the chores while he’s with us.  I’m not thinking that he should be expected to balance the household budget but it would be nice to have a hand in the kitchen!  At least then Apollo won’t have unrealistic expectations about what we’re like while he’s here.

If you couldn’t tell I’m very excited.  I go into planning overdrive when I get a good opportunity!