My sister recently went on a yoga/inspirational seminar weekend with her boyfriend and his family.  She described it as The Griswolds meet Eat Pray Love.  Her boyfriend, let’s call him Knight, updated his blog with details of what he thought of the experience – very entertaining bless him.  All this philosophy brings me to some ways of looking at the world that I like.

I have an interest in other cultures.  You may recall that my sister recommended meditation in hopes that it would help with my pain management.  It may do – I’ll keep you posted as to progress.  In an odd serendipity I’ve been looking into Buddhism before she made the recommendation.  The thing that took some time for me to understand is their ideas about pain and suffering.  If I am not reading it wrongly, suffering, they feel, is unavoidable.  Humans all suffer.

For us in the West, this is a bad idea: we like to think we can avoid things that are bad for us – suffering being one of them.  However, if you take the Buddhist logic to the next step, you’ll find ways of coping with suffering.  I like this logic because it doesn’t leave people feeling sorry for themselves.  I try not to think “why me?”  The whole point is that suffering is unavoidable.  Accept it and move on.

While I don’t consider myself a Buddhist, I do find answers to life’s questions in places where I don’t normally look.  Knowing me, I would have looked for philosophical answers to life’s questions even had I not had chronic illnesses…