No touch knickers

In anticipation of my biopsy on 30th March, I’ve allocated myself a period starting this weekend.  It’s not exactly time yet but I have been bloated for a week or two and I’ve been hot generally.  Does anyone else feel so hot at night that they kick the covers off?  I think I’ll probably find having my period a relief.

In anticipation of starting this weekend, I’ve already put on my “no touch knickers”.  These are my large grey-pink granny-knickers that I only wear during this time of my cycle.  I find it a subtle way of telling Helios exactly what’s happening without having to shout “I’m going to have a period”.  Helios saw me sporting these enormous monstrosities and said “No touch knickers already!?!” this morning as if he cannot quite believe the passage of time, or perhaps it’s because he doesn’t like his “week off”?

Today was the first day I didn’t take my pill, so it nothing exciting has happened just yet.  I feel my usual woolly-head and slight disorientation but no pain.  Despite this, I’ve taken a couple of ibuprofen, just to get a grip on the pain before it takes hold of me.

Last night I had even stranger dreams than normal.  I was surrounded by people with green heads and they were being persecuted so I was nice to them and helped them start an uprising.  Bearing in mind I’d seen “The Mask” at the weekend, it’s not such a stretch of imagination – thank God!


2 thoughts on “No touch knickers

  1. Sometimes life just sucks, doesn’t it?
    Funny, about the green men and the Mask. It is St. Patrick’s Day and I’m wearing green and a green shamrock with a lady bug.

    Feel better.

  2. Hi Linda

    You know, I hadn’t thought about it being St Patrick’s Day until you said something. Perhaps I’m part Irish?

    Thanks for your good wishes. It’s much appreciated!

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